Audio Story

What is it?

It is either a radio commercial, an interpretation of your voice-over text for different markets, or dubbing for cartoons. We help you with our international talent base of professional speakers by recording the speech, then editing it, adding music and sound effects on top.

Voice over by: Miss Moose Studio.

Why would you have it?

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Radio advertising can be produced cheaply and it reaches a range of audiences.

Imagine your consumers being stuck in a traffic jam, at work or at home cooking. They have the time and the capacity to also listen to the radio.

Unlike TV, radio commercials can be on air rather fast.

You do not have to stay only on the radio, you can of course launch an online radio as well and reach even more potential consumers.

How or where would you use it?

  • Radio
  • Dubbing (of the cartoons and movies)
  • Voice overs (for TV commercials, Explainer Videos etc)
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