Educational video

What is it?

It is a helpful, informative, share-worthy content in a form of a short video that positions your employees and your company as experts in the field.

Why would you have it?

educational video

For any kind of sensitive and complex topic, animated characters offer a non-threatening way to reach audiences. For example, you would like to spread awareness about how many car crash victims there are every year and what can we do to stop that, you would like to explain a disease, where to put the technical equipement you no longer need or how does the crypto world work. An educational video is a perfect tool to explain all that and more.

Animated videos are used in education process, since it complements the other ways of learning as it facilitates a deeper understanding of a topic. In the case of a complex subject, representative design and animation can simplify it, thus, bringing a lot of motivation and satisfaction to the learner.

It does not help much, if you created this wonderful new solution or started a great project, if no one knows about it.

How or where would you use it?

In an event, conference, social media, your landing page in a newsletter, in schools.

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