Explainer video

What is it?

An explainer video is the shortest story about your business, product or service. It simplifies complex information and helps your customers connect with your vision using straightforward language and dynamic motion graphics.

Why would you have it?

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An explainer video is an incredibly versatile tool. It can be used to explain pretty much anything, from your hight tech business idea to educating your audience about safe driving. Your explainer video can be short, it can be long – but ultimately, it helps your audience understand. And, once they understand, they are more likely to take the decision to take one step further.

Studies have found that landing pages with explainer videos get an incredible increase in time on site - viewers stay longer and click more. Also, many more interactions happen.

If you regularly find yourself explaining a particular product, service or concept, an explainer video is your shortcut to unlocking hours of saved time. By crafting your message perfectly into a short, concise video, you can deliver that message clearly and effectively.


Focus on your customers' challenge.


Introduce your product / service as a solution.


Explain exactly how your product / solution works.


Tell your audience what to do next with a call to action.

How or where would you use it?

  • Impress prospects in your face-to-face or virtual sales pitches.
  • Post it on your home page.
  • Use it in your email signatures.
  • Share it on your social media timelines.
  • Use the source files which we can provide for you as graphics and microinteractions on your website, and other print/digital assets. You can build a whole brand around a brilliant explainer video.
  • Loop it on the big screen at your next event.
  • As a powerful intro tool during your training/onboarding process for new hires.
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