Testimonial video

What is it?

Testimonials are videos of a customer or client praising a company. In most cases, they talk about how that company's product or service has helped them solve a problem.

They might discuss who they are, how they use the product or service, and what they like about the company.

Why would you have it?

testimonial video

Because it encourages your leads to take the final step and make a purchase with a powerful online review video that shows your happiest past clients' successful experiences with your brand or product. Let them do the talking for your brand.

Asking a client to give a video testimonial is the ultimate sign of trust. It means you value your client’s opinion so much that you’re willing to invest in getting it documented. And, what do people do when they feel highly valued and trusted? They talk to their friends about your business and some will go the extra mile and share the video among their networks, lending further credibility to your brand.

Text-based testimonials are unquestionably powerful, yet not as easy to share as videos. Video testimonials are exceedingly easy to share across social media, therefore a good marketing tool to have.

Where would you use it?

  • As an email marketing tool.
    Using the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates. Furthermore, it increases click-through rates and reduces unsubscribers.
  • On your webpage.
  • On your social media channels.
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