Tutorial video

What is it?

Tutorial or instructional videos are the go-to explanation method that walks viewers through how to use your product or service step-by-step using screencast, animation and live-action video.

Why would you have it?

tutorial video

It's a fact, people’s attention spans are getting shorter, meaning they would much rather watch a video, then read text. That’s why a short 2-3 minute How to video presents a perfect solution. Text heavy instructions, even with images, are rarely even read. It’s so much easier to watch a video that shows a process also visually and also walks a viewer through the steps.

This number of people searching on YoutTube is growing dramatically every year. What tutorial can you put online that teaches potential customers about your products and services? This could be a simple explanation of how to assemble something, a training video on how to fix an issue, or demonstrate how your product is superior to your competition.

Our clients are getting a lot of phone calls and support questions. Once we produce for them How To onboarding videos, the support call dramatically drop and the company is able to shift the employees to help in other revenue generating parts of the company. What type of How To videos can you create to help reduce the amount of support calls?

It’s commonly said that “people do business with those they know, like and trust”. Since video is the easiest way to showcase your products, services and company, making a How to video is an easy way to jumpstart the trust building process. A recent study found that 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching How To videos explaining a product or service. If you want the fastest way to build trust with your potential customers, make How To videos.

How or where would you use it?

  • Post it on Youtube.
  • Have it on your Webpage.
  • Send it over the e-mail, instead of a PDF instruction manual.
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