Tem Čatež

Video Series for TEM Modular Switches & Sockets

TEM Čatež is the leading Slovenian manufacturer of electric switches and sockets as well as a synonym for success. For over 40 years, they have been offering easily adaptable, technologically innovative and aesthetically-pleasing products that impress customers worldwide. Now, they turned to us to help them showcase their latest line and flagship products in a series of videos that will work in different markets and help them consolidate their market position.

Category: Products
Lenght: 60s
Type: Mixed Media (hybrid between stock footage and animation)

Challenges listed by our client:


To present flagship products in an attractive, sophisticated, and marketing-ready way.


To align the look and feel of the videos with their corporate identity.


Several language adaptations.

tem čatež

The solution Miss Moose Studio has prepared:

  1. TEM Modul Manager:
    Slovene, Croatian, Romanian, Italian, English
  2. TEM Biopass:
    Slovene, English
  3. TEM Logiq:
    German, English
  4. TEM Modul:
    Slovene, Croatian, Romanian, Italian, English

Since all videos are intended for marketing activities, we decided to make them no longer than 60 seconds, which means that they perform well on social media, websites or at various events. We also paid great attention to the aesthetics of the videos, as one of the fundamental advantages of the company is its sophisticated and modern design.

We reflected it in clean lines of animation, fresh and unobtrusive colour tones and carefully curated video shots. The language is simple and straightforward and it addresses a diverse audience, including end-to-end customers who equip their homes as well as experts, who can quickly find solutions for more complex design projects. A specific challenge was the language versions. In addition to the video addressing the home audience, we simultaneously prepared ten additional translations with local voice-over talents.

miss moose

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