Virtual Power System

Inea high-tech solutions developer with a mission to reshape and upgrade management of the energy system. They asked us to help them present their work in an engaging, clear and professional video that will help convince their many business partners to join them in co-creating a greener future.

Category: Energy sector
Lenght: 130s
Type: Animated
Virtual Power System

Challenges listed by our client:


To explain the company's work and their high-tech product understandably.


To educate client's partners on Inea's vision of greener tomorrow and the means to achieve it.


To present the client as a trustworthy and reliable business partner

The solution Miss Moose Studio has prepared:

Energy management is a complex topic to explain. To make sure we present business arguments for integrating flexibility to the mix well and thoroughly explain new concepts and technologies, we made the video longer than usual. We also paid particular attention to the language and chose to narrate at a slower pace, ensuring the viewers can comprehend the information. We also set the video as a mixture of powerful live footage and animation with many details, which appears clean, professional and high-tech.

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