Zavod varna pot

Vision Zero

The Slovenian organization Varna pot deals with road safety and has an important vision: to achieve zero fatalities in traffic. To do so, they want to raise awareness, so each individual realizes how important it is to drive responsibly.

Category: Education
Lenght: 60s
Type: Animated
vision zero

Challenges listed by our client:


To promote project Vision Zero in an innovative manner


To align the look and feel of the videos with their corporate identity.


To reach a diverse audience with one video

The solution Miss Moose Studio has prepared:

To address as many viewers as possible and get them to watch the video from start to finish, we went for a shorter video with eye-catching animation that is easily remembered. We decided to bring humour to the story to differentiate the client from other institutions with similar content. Playing on compassion, we addressed the power in an individual who realizes that small deeds count and that they can incorporate them into daily life.

Also, we don't use templates in our production process, meaning the video is completely custom-made and in line with the client's corporate identity.

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